Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Time Well Spent

I had to pay homage to the Late Great Maya Angelou, who without her poems, her words, her story, I would not be the woman I am today. She was a great motivator and speaker and all around woman my Shero!!! She is a Phenomenal Woman and I do consider myself you also Phenomenal Women as well (read the poem, if you have never done so!! You will be inspired).  

This journey has been so wonderful, I have enjoyed myself in this program, even through the ups and downs, the highs and the lows, the wanting to give up at times, but still having the motivation to continue (my 13 and 10 year old daughters were my biggest supporters).  I have taken so much away from this program, but the 3 things I will value the most is learning how to communicate better, collaborate more and advocate harder.  I came out of this program learning more about the different levels of diversity and ways to include everyone.  Before this, diversity meant to me, different races, religions and cultures. Now that I have completed this program I have a vaster knowledge of other diverse lifestyles like the children who live withing the LGBTQ community, how to help children with their own thoughts of self identity, how to utilize resources to bring in more inclusive ideas.  Building upon ways to work on my challenge to bring more anti-bias curriculum and diversity training to my state.  The Foundations in course wit Dr. Lisa Embree, is what set the tone and kept me motivated to continue, Issues and Trends in ECE with Dr. Joyce Meyers gave me the freedom to express from my personal life and perspective how I felt about the issues our children face in society and the injustices we have to continue to fight for. Collaboration and Communications course with Dr. Rosalie Parrish helped me with my communication skills and how to communicate with different types of communicators and our Capstone course with Dr. Kevin Dartt, taught me to research and dig deeper into my challenge, to really focus on the need of my challenge and to express why it should move forward and be a realistic goals to reach and achieve. 

My long term goals are to continue to advocate, be a voice for children and educate early childhood professionals in our field.  I want to be a face in this field and remembered as someone who left a stamp and impression on the early childhood profession.  Our work does not stop here, it is only just beginning!!!

Thank you all for such a wonderful and thought provoking class. Your knowledge, expertise and experience brought so much to the discussions and your feedback was great. It really helped me. Thank you Dr. Dartt for pushing me to think harder and deeper and giving me the feedback you did on my Capstone challenge. Because of this foundation, I have others who are interested in helping me take my challenge to the next level so I am very excited about that.  Congratulations to all of my colleagues, WE DID IT, WE MADE IT!!! I hope you accomplish all of your goals and I hope to see your name and your face in the future because I plan for you to see my name and my face as an advocate for our children. God bless you all.

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Comesha Woods
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  1. Dear Comesha,
    I can truly appreciate Maya Angelou she has been an inspiration for many women. I understand how you feel concerning diversity. I also had a limited view. It is so amazing to me that things, people, circumstances can be directly in your face and you do really see or understand them.
    I agree we have had very knowledgeable professors throughout this course. I have taken a little of each one’s skills and style to incorporate into myself, to make me a better person. I enjoyed reading your post and I hope all your hopes and dreams are fulfilled.

  2. Comesha,
    Thank you for sharing all your stories, experiences and knowledge over the course of this Masters program. I have enjoyed learning through your point of view. I appreciate all the encouragement and support throughout this journey. I'm glad to read this is not the end of the journey for you, it is really the beginning. Enjoy the next phase of your adventure, and I know you will do great things!