Friday, April 14, 2017

Jobs/Roles in the ECE Community

The first international organization that interest me was UNICEF.  This program fights for the rights for all children on a global level. They work to provide services for all children that promotes inclusion. UNICEF works to improve policies and services that focuses on protecting all children and not just some.  The job pool is vast when you search the website for employment.  One thing I did notice is that the positions that they post, they are specific in who they want for that position. Some of them did specify that they want someone who lives in the country they are looking to hire for.  I also noticed that depending on where the job is located the vacancy announcement was written in that countries language, so if you are not fluent in the language then you are unable to read what the job entails.  UNICEF has a vast global colloborate of programs and different types of positions.  I do have a Human Service background and have worked in child protective services before. They currently have a Child Protection Specialist Position hiring in Rio de Janerio, Brazil.  They are looking for someone with an advance degree, (Masters degree) in international development, human rights, psychology, sociology, international law, and other social sciences related degrees.  Also at least 5 years in social planning development and management in the field of child protection and other related fields.  Must be fluent in Portuguese and English and knowledge in another UN language.  It also pointed out that this position is also open for competition to Brazilian nationals as well.  There wasn't any information that I could see that detailed what the salary would be or if relocation was paid for by the program or it would be up to the applicant. I can only assume those types of things are discussed only to those who are seriously interested in the position.

Save the children was another international organization that I looked into and to me it is a website to where you can either be a sponsor, a donor and can be a member and stay informed.  The website talks about how they invest in childhood, give children a healthy start where they have the opportunity to learn, protected from harm. Growing up my grandmother was a sponsor for a child  for Feed the Children which is a organization whose headquarters is based here in my home state of Oklahoma. There was some very sketchy issues happening with Feed the Children with the appropriation of funds at one point in time which caused my grandmother to stop donating money to the program. Save the Children reminds me a little of Feed the Children's sponsoring a child initiative, which is an option you can do with Save the Children.  Save the Children website has a link to look for jobs either in the US or Globally.  They have a total of 92 job openings, you have the options to either fill out a general application and attach your resume or you can narrow down your search by choosing a location, program sector, expertise, and division. 

ISSA, International Step by Step Association is a membership organization that functions out of Europe and Central Asia.  It is an international organization that brings knowledgeable educators and members together to make sure that children, especially vulnerable children, have an equal chance at high quality early childhood programs and to develop best practices in the field.  The organization did not have any job opportunities that interested me but I did look at how to become a member by looking at the requirements for membership.  I chose this organization because they are focused on early childhood education and development but focus on the children in their countries.  You can join as an organization that focuses on early childhood development.  Membership fees are based off the current budget that your organization operates from. I am not familiar with how the US dollar translates to European dollars but it looked like the membership fees would be expensive for an organization.


  1. Dear Comesha,
    Your research was very intensive. I had never considered obtaining a job that addressed international issues however you brought out some very good information about UNICEF and what qualifications it would take to work in the position that is open. I think it would good to be on their e-mailing list.
    Save the children is another international organization that seem to address the needs of children. I am happy you brought out what happened to your grandmother because I have worked with people who was part of a Hattian disaster team and some of the things they told me was questionable. The Sick and Wellness committee is the community outreach program I volunteer with. We had gathered clothing, that was to be given out not sold and we really do not know what the real result was with the clothing. I am interested in the International Step by Step Association (ISSA). I would like to see where they have job opportunities. Thank you for the information.

  2. Dear Comesha,

    I noticed that you put a lot of time and effort into really looking into this assignment concerning internationally jobs and roles. I have never thought about moving out of the country let alone look for a job outside of the United States. I also chose to write about Save the Children. I love how Save the Children works in 120 countries through education, health, emergency response, and advocacy. They have approximately 1,000 people working in the areas of US headquarter positions, in US field-based positions, and internationally.

  3. Comesha,
    I also looked into the same websites as you! What a coincidence. I thought that these were great resources and really allowed me to learn a great deal about organizations that do things to help the early childhood community. I really liked that Save the Children offered the opportunity to sponsor a child in need and to donate to the cause.