Saturday, March 18, 2017

Mission: Reflecting Oklahoma's commitment to high quality early care and education by providing professional development that produces results!

I worked for the Center for Early Childhood Professional Development from 2013 to 2016; before the budget cut some of the programs that the CECPD housed.  I was part of the ERS Program (Environmental Rating Scale).  CECPD is part of the College for Continued Education at the University of Oklahoma, it's funding comes from the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Child Care Division. CECPD houses the states Registry where it tracks child care professionals training, education and job history. It also houses the Professional Development Approval System, this is where the trainers and training's get approved for the state. DHS Child Care Division funds the software and registry needed to house these different services for the early childhood professionals.  All training's are put into the registry for the professional when they attend by the trainer of the course.  Every year, depending on the Professional Development level you hold, you have to have 20 to 30 hours of training a year.  We have a Professional Development Ladder and a Oklahoma Directors Credential. The CECPD have Registry Advisers that help with customer service and Program Specialist that help with customer service with the Trainers and for the training's offered.  The link to see the website for CECPD is:  To see job openings you have to go to the University of Oklahoma Website under the Human Resources tab for employment and look for Registry Adviser positions under the Center for Early Childhood Professional Development.

Mission: All Oklahoma families have access to quality care and education for their children through community-based resource and referral services.

Each area of the state has a resource and referral office they can utilize.  It is set up for families to use to help them find available and affordable childcare, it is also set up for childcare providers to utilize for technical assistance to help new child care providers become licensed to be a child care facility, resource rooms to utilize to help professionals with resource and materials in their childcare programs. Oklahoma Child Care Resource and Referral also helps professionals locate appropriate and approved training courses and may help with funding training courses by using vouchers.  The link to the website is: I am unsure if this organization is hiring at this point. I did not see any job postings on the website.

Mission:  The Scholars for Excellence in Child Care program ensures that eligible child care professionals in the state of Oklahoma have an opportunity to attend a technology center or community college to further their education while earning a Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential, Certificate of Mastery, Director’s Certificate of Completion, and/or an associate degree in child development.

The Scholars for Excellence program is who the program I currently work for.  Our Scholarship funds 70% of tuition and fee's, 100% of textbooks. The student has to be currently working in childcare at the same facility for 6 months or longer, work 30 hours per week or more and make less than $15.50 or less an hour.  The childcare facility they work for has to have at least 10% subsidy of enrollment. If the facility takes subsidy but doesn't quite have 10% we have a justification letter the Director of the program signs for the student.  I am the Coordinator of this program at Oklahoma City Community College.  We have 8 Scholar Coordinators in the State of Oklahoma at 7 community colleges.  We have contracts with all the community colleges in the state that have a Child Development Associates Degree program.  We also have contracts with 5 Career Tech Centers that provide the Pathways to your CDA courses. The link to the website is:
There is a job opening for a Scholarship Administrator.


  1. The information on your blog was very interesting. When you went through the budget cut was the entire program terminated. When programs are stopped so many lives are negatively affected .
    I noted your Resource and Referral Association is similar to Crystal Stairs in Los Angeles California. Do the association offer workshops?
    My daughter attended Oklahoma City Collage. I will pass this information to her about the job opening. I am sure she will be interested in the position of Scholarship Administrator. I enjoyed your blog and thank you for the information. Ibtihaj K. Abdul-Mujeeb

  2. Yes, the whole ERS project was cut when budgets came. It was the most emotional and stressful day I had ever experienced in my life. I had never, in all my years, been let go from a job or worked in a position where it was completely cut.

    The Resource and Referral Association in my state does offer workshops for professionals in our state.

    What a small world. I hope your daughter enjoyed her time at OCCC!!! If your daughter has ever worked Early childhood, did advisement or worked in higeher education and has a bachelors degree, that is what they are looking for. They would prefer someone who is familiar with the Scholars program as that is the Scholarship we provide at the community colleges.