Saturday, February 25, 2017

Impacts on Early Emotional Development

West and Central Africa

I chose this area because my college has a lot of students from this area and one has worked in the child development center and lab school at the college.  We also had one of the best NBA players from this area on our team recently and he did a lot of charity work here in our city for his people back home.  Serge Ibaka shined light on the issues going on in his home country. There is so much unrest and health issues going on in this country.

This region has the most maternal mortality rate in the world, the natural process of giving birth is a life and death situation in this region.  Half the population lives below the poverty line, Civil war is forcing the people of this region to consistently have to move to different areas, sexual assault among children is very high and girls are forced to marry as early as 14 years of age.  Child protection systems are non existent in the region and there are not enough resources or government involvement to help coordinate a reliable system for the protection of children. Children do not have the basic medical needs to even receive vaccinations.  Children are having to raise themselves and thier siblings because of the high death of parents due to HIV.  Lets not forget the militias who recruit young children into the war and have them kill for them.

As a professional I can not even fathom the emotional impact their living conditions have on them.  The many issues have been going on for so long in this region that this is a normal way of life, even though it should not be. Education is not a very important factor in this region, as a matter of fact the females get it the worse if they pursue an education. The females get raped and abused if they go to school.  The emotional development of these children can only be described as a dismal one, with no available resources there isn't anyone that can help them get through these hard times other than the community they live in. The feelings that no one cares, or that they do not have a choice can be a disheartening one.

UNICEF (2016).  West and Central Africa.


  1. Thank you for shining a light on the dark challenges children face in West and Central Africa. It is hard to hear about these horrible conditions, but important for more and more people to be aware. It is incredible you were able to witness an advocate such as Serge Ibaka. It must be so powerful to hear the story from someone who lived it. You must have been inspired to become a stronger advocate for your students and others. I know this experience has ignited my inner advocate.

  2. Thank you for sharing and touching bases on West African. It’s so heat breaking to read about the things these families and children have to deal with. I’ve never been to any part of Africa but one day I plan to visit and be a blessing to many. HIV is taking over the world now days and I wish it was some way that people would take more precautious. Great Post and Great read.

  3. Comesha,
    I appreciate the fact that you shared positive things about West Africa. With so much sadness it is nice to hear great things at times. I also chose to learn more about West Africa. It is so sad that children have to face such hardships like malnutrition and diseases. I would love to visit Africa and learn more about the culture and also help as much as I can. Learning more about Africa has definitely made me want to advocate more for our youth in America and in other countries.