Saturday, November 12, 2016

I would like to address and respond to the two bullets from this weeks assignment: 
  • Your response to those who believe that early childhood centers should avoid the inclusion of books depicting gay or lesbian individuals such as same-sex partnered families
At the end of the day, our job as professionals in the field of early childhood education is to practice inclusion and that is to make sure that all the children and families we work with in our programs feel as they belong and are included in the daily activities and learning of their children.  Programs need to make sure that their parent handbooks include the policies and procedures of their policies of inclusion and spell out what that looks like when included photos of families, having learning materials in the classrooms that are gender related, or books that discuss the different types of families. We have to let the parents choose if the programs we provide are for their children and families. As professionals we have to be intentional to start building programs that are diverse and accepting of all regardless of how we as individuals feel or believe on certain lifestyles. Our jobs are to educate, inspire and be role models, not to judge.

  • How you would respond to a parent/family member who informed you they did not want anyone who is perceived (or self-reported) homosexual or transgender to be caring for, educating, and/or interacting with their child
How I would address a parent who felt that way would first have their feelings acknowledged because you want to make sure you address those feelings and let the parents know you hear their concerns and understand their personal belief.  Then as the Director of the program I would show them the parent handbook that would spell out how we do not discriminate and remind the parents that we are an inclusive program that accepts everyone no matter what the race, sexual orientation, culture, religion or gender of the staff, children and parents that participate in our program. I would discuss this with the parents in a professional manner and allow those parents to chose whether they would still like for their child to be a part of the program. I would stress how diversity is important to our mission and values of our program and that we are a program that prides ourselves in educating not only our staff but our children, because whether they like it or not we are living in an ever changing world and that everyone has a right to their own personal beliefs but our program has a duty and obligation to teach the children and provide a safe place for them to learn and that thorough background checks are conducted on all staff that have to care for children.  

I understand that not everyone will accept others ways of believing and ways of life but we have to remember to put our personal aside when working in the professional field. This job does not require us to push our personal beliefs but to provide the best quality care to the children we serve.

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