Saturday, October 8, 2016

I had never worked for a better group of people than when I was part of the Environmental Rating Scale Project (ERS Project).  The 7 women I worked with have been more like family than coworkers. We worked on many projects in the 3 1/2 years we worked together and March of 2016 we were called into a meeting that let us know that our funders; the Department of Human Services, had cut our project and would no longer fund us and our jobs would end July 30, 2016.  Now that was the saddest day I had ever experienced. Our team made a difference in the state, we established a foundation of what is researched as best practice in childcare. We had a QRIS system in our state that other states followed. We were about to be a pilot state for the revision of the Infant/Toddler Environment Rating Scale before the state cut our project.

I had never seen my supervisor so emotional than on the day she had to tell us we were no longer going to be a team anymore. That day I had so many emotions, I was silent, I was sad, I was angry and I didn't speak. When the meeting was over I got up and left and didn't speak to anyone as I walked out the door.

The hardest part about saying goodbye was some of my coworkers I wouldn't see again because we lived in different parts of the state. 3 of my coworkers live more than 3 hours from me one way. I haven't heard from those three ladies since we left our agency and that is sad to me. Because I still work in the field I do still see some of my coworkers and we still communicate over social media, text messaging or going out to lunch or dinner together. We are family no matter what so in a way it was only a goodbye to the job but an established relationship with my coworkers was what made saying goodbye that much easier.

When each new class begins while in this Masters program, I always look for familiar names in my classes. This program has given me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people in the field from different states and countries. I really have enjoyed this program and will hate to see it end. I have 3 classes left after this one. I am hoping to meet some of my colleagues in the near future if the opportunity presents itself. I believe that the hardest part of saying goodbye to the program is not knowing if I will ever see or hear from any of the great people I have met again.  

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  1. Hi Comesha,
    I agree with you that when working with a group or any team setting you develop a family relationship more than associates/coworkers. Currently working as a paraprofessional the teachers I assisted in the past are my friends, because working together you establish bonds and you know what the other person expects, you learn what that person likes or dislikes and you learn what that person does best. Just like in personal relationship the more you get to know someone you feel comfortable with them. It sounds like in your group you guys accomplished some great task and I am sure all the work and long days together made it very hard for you and them to separate. I am glad that you are able to keep in contact with them. I love the blogs, because we can be a little more relaxed and I feel more of a connection with each person because we can share more of our selves with one another. I will miss these discussions. great post!!