Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My Personal Research Journey

I decided to do a research topic that incorporates my background in social work and early childhood. I chose the topic "Generational poverty and its effects on early childhood development."  The three subtopics I started out with were, "What is generational poverty and which culture it affects the most, How families in poverty access quality services, and How poverty affects early childhood development."  After reviewing week one's assignment and the notes that Dr. Meyers left me, she suggested I narrow my subtopics. Dr. Meyers stated that my main topic was fine but as I sat and processed the subtopics I narrowed them down to "What is Generational Poverty to the African American community; How African American families in poverty access quality early childcare programs; and How does living in poverty effect the development of the child."  

I chose this topic because I have witnessed generational poverty before, not in my own family, but when I worked as a child welfare worker and I have always been interested in knowing where it starts and how it moves from one generation to the next. I have an interest in researching this topic and finding ways to not only see what resources are available but how to advocate to make sure that the cycle breaks at some point. Does it have to do with lack of motivation and opportunities or does it have to do with the fact that the families are use to only what they know and do not know anything else.

I would love to get some insight, advice or any other ideas for subtopics from my colleagues. Good luck to everyone in the course and hopefully this research course will teach us so much of what it is we need to know about research and being researchers!!!   


  1. Hi Comesha,

    You are researching an interesting topic. I am eagerer to find out your results and answers concerning generational poverty. Generational poverty should end at some point through generations. Someone or persons need to break the cycle. I hope jobs would be available, so poverty can come to an end. Keep us posted on your research.

  2. Vangalene,
    I am hoping to find some very good information. I am somewhat familiar with generational poverty but I want to know how if effects the development of the child. Lack of education factors in when looking at the trends of generational poverty. If education is not seen as an important factor then it will be relayed that way through the generations.

  3. Vagalene!
    Youn icked a great topic to research. Poverty is one of those issues that so many families in America are facing today. If i come across any material that may be of a beneift to you to surely pass it on to you.

  4. Hello Comesha,
    You have indeed chosen an interesting topic. Indeed poverty affects children in so many ways and in early childhood these effects can be difficult to overcome. I have witnessed poverty, generational poverty and it is quite interesting to hear the thoughts of some of these individuals. However, I believe that children can still be helped and encouraged to achieve beyond what they are seeing around them. You are also sure to find a deluge of information on this subject. Great subtopic!

  5. Hi Comesha,
    I think you chose a great research topic. I can't wait to read your updates each and learn of your findings on poverty. I don't have any resources to share at the moment, but I will be on the look out for you. Good luck with everything!