Saturday, June 11, 2016

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Week 6

Harlem Children's Zone
Baby College

I want to bring to you this week one of the programs that Harlem Children's Zone provides. This program actually reaches out to parents that are either expecting and/or have children ages 0-3. The staff that work with The Baby College provide parents with workshops and group meetings to bring them together to help them set the foundation for their children and give them the tools to continue to foster a child's development in those critical years.  The staff go door to door in Harlem neighborhoods and recruit families to the program, they also do home visits to the families and take the program to their homes. The curriculum they provide the parents touch on the topics of child behavior and safety, communication and intellectual stimulation, linguistic and brain development, and health and nutrition and the program is also designed to promote a sense of community. They give the parents a chance to share personal experiences and gain support from other parents and also share resources.  The program states that their success has to do with their flexibility and their outreach. The courses are provided in English, Spanish and French so that they can reach everyone in their community. This program is helping do two things, teach the importance of child development and rebuild and strengthen their community.  Once the parents and children graduate from Baby College they then transition to the Harlem Children's Zone The Three Year Old Journey program. The Harlem Children's Zone has had 5,522 graduates to date since their inception of The Baby College GRADS in 2010.

This program is providing the community a service that they can utilize, learn and grow from.  The fact that this program goes door to door recruiting and finding the families, to me is a great community outreach program that is given equal opportunity for everyone in the community that have children 0-3 to utilize their social service programs and help in the healthy development of their children. Another reason I admire this program and the strives they have taken.


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  1. This is awesome! This is what you call "hitting the ground, running". I love the door to door approach, that is only way some parents will hear about these programs!