Thursday, June 23, 2016

Issues and Trends in
Early Childhood Studies
Final Blog Assignment

One thing that I learned is that it may take several attempts before an international contact will reach out to you and even if they do not you have to find alternative ways to find out what issues and trends are going on globally.  I didn't have any luck getting a response from any of the international contacts that I tried to reach out to, but what I did learn from the alternative websites provided to us was that their is a global issue of equity, affordability, accessibility and quality early childhood programs all over the world and that country and my state are not the only ones struggling to fight for children.

Another common issue was government and their lack of understanding of how important early childhood education is from different countries.  It seems that the focus has shifted off of our children and on to issues that stem from policies not put into place early on such as why are we putting more funding into building more prisons based off of test scores? This concept is so very backwards where we should be building more early childhood education programs and less focus on how many of our children will fill up those prisons. It is a sad day in today's society when that type of focus is what is most important.

This course has taught me so many things I didn't know or quite understood that was going on in our field and I am so grateful to have had this course and opportunity to converse with like minded colleagues with the same passion and drive as I do and that is to be the best professional we can be and help provide better quality care as best as we know how. I know at times we may feel powerless but any form of advocacy we can do helps out just that much more. We just need to continue to be that driving force and voice for those who do not have a voice.


  1. I enjoyed your blog and all your postings this course, thank you. I do agree and get frustrated that often Early Childhood is undervalued and overlooked. People still view it as babysitting and do not understand the importance of a solid foundation and the building blocks for future learning.

  2. Comesha, great final post! I couldnt agree more with your comment about building early childhood facilities versus jails. The priorities seem a little mixed up! We have to stick together as Early Childhood Educators and continue to help people understand the importance of what we do and what we believe in.