Friday, June 17, 2016

Getting to Know your International Contacts

We have reached Week 7 in the course and I still have not heard from, at this point, four international contacts I have tried to reach since this course has started. It makes me wonder what I am doing wrong on my end or if anyone is even checking the emails on a regular for the international organizations I am trying to reach.  It is really discouraging but luckily we have the alternative assignments to build upon and gain more insight.

I checked out the website for the week and I read Access and equity; Quality and Investment and funding. The three things we have been discussing in this course.

Access and equity talked about how participating countries committed themselves to expanding and improving comprehensive early childhood care and education for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children in their countries. The governments were also urged to make sure policy made sure that access to quality early childhood programs was geared to the poor. This all came about after The 1990 Jomtien Declaration for Education for All learned that learning started at birth and in 2000 The Dakar Framework for Action reaffirmed the importance of early childhood and it's ties to development and made these it's first six main goals.

Quality touched on factors that should be included when discussing quality programs which includes: pedagogy materials, personnel training, service setting and parental education and involvement, learning materials need to be quantitatively, culturally and developmentally adequate and focus on child centered interactions.

Investment and financing states that the greatest difficulty faced by countries in their efforts to expand and improve quality is mobilization of resources which is very daunting in developing countries where early childhood programs are overshadowed by other pressing priorities.

The website was very informative and very on point in what we have been discussing throughout this course. Equity, accessibility, and affordability are some of the major trends and issues we face in our profession but it seems that the fight continues to make sure we do not forget the people that matter and that is our children and their rights of having a quality education across the board.



  1. Hi Comesha,
    Sorry that you are experiencing a a difficult time with communication with your International Professionals. I understand your frustration as too have experienced the same difficulties. Unesco is a very interesting organisation that does incredible work. Interesting link to read.

  2. Comesha,
    I understand your concern about not hearing back from your efforts to establish your international contacts, however at least you tried.
    I did though enjoy reading your comment you made on your alternative assignment. I thought it was interesting to note that it doesn't seem to matter what country you come from they all seem to be taking issue with funding programs so that children and families have equity and excellence in early education education and care. Like you shared I too plan to continue to advocate for the rights of all children and families to have access to high quality, affordable care.