Friday, June 3, 2016

Getting to Know your International Contacts-Part 2

Well we are in week 5 and I have yet to hear from anyone that I have tried contacting internationally.  The first organization I contacted was a representative from UNICEF at their headquarters in Ghana, Africa.  This is what I sent the representative: Hello, My name is Comesha Woods and I am a resident of the United States and I am a student at Walden University. I have been assigned to establish professional contacts outside of the United States. I am very interested in hearing from someone from your country that can give me some information on the resources and programs provided to the children in your country.  As a professional in the United States I am very interested in speaking with someone with UNICEF who work with children and families and the programs they provide. I look forward to hearing back. Thank you in advance for your time. Sincerely, Comesha Woods"

So this week I contacted another international organization called Early Childhood Council in New Zealand. I sent them this correspondence: "Hello, My name is Comesha Woods and I am a student in the United States. I am obtaining my Masters degree in Early Childhood Studies and we have been assigned to make a professional connection with other early childhood professionals from other countries.  I was wanting to connect with someone from your organization that would not mind answering  some questions about your organization and what services you provide in New Zealand.  Thank you in advance for taking the time out to connect with me.  Sincerely,  Comesha Woods, Graduate Student at Walden University"

I am hoping that I hear from the second contact soon. I am a bit disappointed at this stage in the class that I haven't heard from anyone and I really wanted to establish those connections with someone. So I will keep trying to do so until I get one that will respond. 

I did do some reading on Harvard University's website with their Global Children's Initiative and read about the policies and procedures that are being put into place in Brazil. Their Executive Leadership Program was designed to give lawmakers in the country of Brazil tools and resources to go back and implement policies and procedures in their poorest of areas for children. In 2012, 2013 and 2014 Brazil sent 30-40 Senior level lawmakers to Harvard for week long intensive instruction and then they went back to Brazil and started implementing what they learned in smaller groups. The last 3 years they came up with 33 action plans that eventually led to the following: A comprehensive national Legal Framework for Early Childhood was developed; a new early childhood development program in the city of Sao Paulo was led by its First Lady; a new home visiting program that was designed by the coordinator for child health in their Federal Ministry of Health and piloted by the First Ladies of Sao Paulo and Fortaleza. 

The collaborative efforts established by Harvard University and Brazil have given them the tools and resources to give their children a services to better their future and outcomes.



  1. Comesha,

    I know the feeling. I still haven't gotten in touch with my contacts. I hope you hear from them soon. However, thanks for sharing some insights on Brazil and their plan to implement policies and procedures in the poorest areas for children.

  2. Comesha,

    Thanks for the encouragement on my post. It does suck (sorry lol) that we have not heard from our contacts, however, the alternative assignments have been quite interesting. For one, reading about the poverty in these other countries is by far heartbreaking and humbling at the same time. I like that there are people here in the U.S that are working hard to decrease that issue.