Friday, May 13, 2016

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The organization that I chose to learn more about is called the Harlem Children's Zone. Their primary focus when they began their journey in the 1990's was to combat the high levels of poverty, drug abuse, violent crime, impoverished schools and crumbling housing conditions that continued plaguing their community and do this one block at a time. They have several programs that help children succeed and thrive in a community that would not necessarily give them the opportunities and same chances as other well to do communities.

The Harlem Children's Zone had a 10 year strategic plan put into place. This plan started with 24 blocks, then 60 blocks and now has expanded to 97 blocks in their community serving more than 11,000 children and 8,000 adults to date. The organization as a whole serves roughly 13,000 children and 13,800 adults.

Just to through a few statistics out there to give an idea of how this program has worked and provided for their community.  In 2015 the Charter School that is established through this program had a 93% college acceptance rate.  89% of funding goes directly back into the program.  459 US and 147 International visitors have visited the program since 2005. 99% of the children that participate in their Pre-K Gems program tested at school readiness.

I am looking forward to adding more and more information about this program as the class progresses. The programs this organization provides are beyond great. The link is provided below.

Harlem Children's Zone:

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