Saturday, May 28, 2016

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Week 4

The one thing that I love about this organization is the fact they work with the inner city and community and have pulled in politicians, economist, scientist and all kinds of people from all over the world to come and see their program, the progress and the model they use. The Cherokee Nation in my State has even sent people to their organization to workshops that show the model they use for their programs and I thought that was very neat. 

One thing I love is that they are all about extracurricular activities, whether it is sports or fine arts programs, all work and no play is not good for children. Children have to have a break and release from the stress of doing school work. It is also good for the brain function and the body. This organization provides these programs not only in the charter schools but in their early childhood programs and for the community also. They are a big proponent of health and they model it and provide it in this organization and community.

President Obama was very inspired by the Harlem Children's Zone and the mission that Geoffrey Canada, the owner and founder of the organization, was trying and is achieving. So much so that President Obama started Promise Neighborhoods which was a replicated model of what the HCZ was doing in Harlem. The Obama administration allocated $75 million in the federal budget for programs all across the U.S. More than 330 communities across the nation applied for these funds and 21 communities received a one year grant between $400,000 to $500,000 to implement and come up with a program that would address the issues in their communities.

The controversial issues behind this all is the fact that not all professionals in the education or early childhood education field feel that the charter school system is a solution or the correct model for everyone. There have been many debates on charter school vs. public schools and that not all children are accepted in the charter schools because of the lottery system. So charter schools can not reach all children. That the funding that is put into charter schools should also be allocated for public schools so that they can do more. Another issue is that charter schools operate on longer school days where as public schools do not, giving those children the additional time and effort to help achieve those academic goals.

This organization is the perfect model, in my opinion, on what I have envisioned for my own city. The many programs and community services they provide is just what a lot of communities across the nation need. This organization has been a model for so long and has inspired other cities such as Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago, Cleveland and Maryland to name a few in implementing this model.


  1. I think this is awesome!! My favorite part is the extra curricular activities and that the program recognizes children need movement and to have organized fun/games! I work at a charter school that only allows the children a 20 minute recess after lunch. Nothing in the afternoon or morning. They are required to sit all day during class, sometimes have to sit quietly during lunch and get all the wiggles/conversation/fun out in the 20 minutes after lunch. I think if they were given "brain breaks", opportunities to move, ways to learn and engage their bodies the academic outcomes would be dramatic.

    1. Kim,
      My ex-husband taught at a charter school a few years ago and they didn't let the children do a lot of physical activity either. They begged and pleaded for some type of activities because those children worked all day long. Children get burned out with nothing else to do to release some of that stress and energy.

  2. Comesha,

    I think this is wonderful. Never heard of them before and thanks for sharing! I love all the activities they are allowed to participate in. Are you for Carter schools?

    1. Keisha,

      Yes and no...Yes because they have proven results academically and no because a lot of charter schools are lottery system and all children do not have the same opportunities if they do not get picked. That can put a damper on the moral of the child and their parents. Especially parents who wants a good education for their children. I am not saying public school is bad by any means, my children are in public school, but it depends on district and community. Not all children have the luxury to go to a school district that have the resources to give them a quality education. So when charter schools started coming about I was in support for sure but then I saw how not all children are picked and that is what gives me that on the fence stance,