Friday, December 11, 2015

Code of Ethics Ideals from NAEYC and DEC

This weeks blog will discuss code of ethics from two very respected organizations on early childhood education and how they pertain to my professional goals and professional life!!

NAEYC's Code of Ethics

Ethical Responsibilities to Children
Ideal I-1.1 To be familiar with the knowledge base of early childhood care and education and to stay informed through continuing education and training.

*This Ideal is an important one in the field of early childhood education because knowledge is power. The more you know the more effective you are in the field. Early childhood education is forever changing and it is our job and responsibility to stay ahead of the game. This is how we advocate for children by bringing the best practices in the field and being able to share this knowledge with other professionals so they can bring the best they can to children.

Ethical Responsibilities to Families
Ideal I-2.5—To respect the dignity and preferences of each family and to make an effort to learn about its structure, culture, language, customs, and beliefs.

*This should be a goal for all early childhood professionals. The children we serve come in all shapes, sizes, colors and backgrounds. We can not expect to run a program based off of our own personal beliefs when we serve children from many. This is why I chose the Teaching and Diversity track. I want to gain more knowledge to bring back to my state on how to incorporate more appropriate and culturally diverse materials and curriculum in the classrooms. When you know better you do better and that is the goal I set for myself to make professionals more culturally aware.

Ethical Responsibilities to Colleagues

Ideal I-3A.1 To establish and maintain relationships of respect, trust, confidentiality, collaboration, and cooperation with co-workers.
I-3A.2—To share resources with co-workers, collaborating to ensure that the best possible early childhood care and education program is provided.

*I put these two Ideals together because I believe they go hand in hand.  Collaboration is a big thing in the early childhood education field. The agency I work for is based solely off of collaborations with the Department of Human Service Child Care Services Division. The ultimate goal for myself is to continue to establish those crucial relationships and build a trust among my colleagues. To do this I have to be able to show that I have the skill and knowledge base to utilize my education and resources to bring the best research of best practices and also be able to speak to high stacks partners in this field. Maintaining a good working relationship is what I do today and will continue to do in the future. It is a big factor in working together to all reach a common goal and that is providing quality care for children.

DEC Code of Ethics

IV.  ETHICAL AND EVIDENCE BASED PRACTICES in the field of early childhood special education relies upon sound research methodologies and research based practices to ensure high quality services for children and families. As professionals researching and practicing within the field, it is our responsibility to maintain ethical conduct in building a cadre of practices based on evidence. Establishing an evidence base not only involves critically examining available research evidence relative to our professional practices, it also involves continually engaging in research to
further refine our research-based or recommended practices.  Sound and ethical research strategies always should be used including adherence to institutional review board procedures and guidelines prior to the conduct of research and use of peer-reviewed venues for published ion of findings.   Honoring and respecting the diversity of children and families should guide all research activities.

*In order to maintain professional integrity we have to make sure that the information we go out in the field to share with others is backed by research based best practices and that we ourselves research what is best information that will back up our own personal philosophies and practices in the field.

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  1. I agree with you that collaboration is very important in the child care field. There is always someone out there that can help you with make your goals a success, if you just ask.

    1. Exactly Monica, a closed mouth don't get fed as my grandmother always says. Asking is essential to making sure we get the answers we need.

  2. I agree with you about the collaboration is important to establish with your co-workers. In order for goals to be reach, co-workers must work together in order to accomplish them.

    1. Latricia, not with just coworkers but with other agencies and community partners as well. Utilize any and all that will build upon your goals and have the exact same goals as you do.

  3. Comesha, I have enjoyed being in class with you, as well as working with you at CECPD. You have been such a help to me ever since I came to CECPD. I love reading your posts and I cannot wait to continue on our journey at Walden. I am glad we can be there to support one another!!

    1. Melissa thank you and the same to you as well. It is so great to be able to not only work together but take this journey together. Knowing that we have each other to piggy back ideas off of and also be able to contact each other when we need help only makes this journey that much more easy and fun.